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核心提示:Combination of In-Line Crack Test and Natural Frequency Measurement of Brake Disks, in ONE test-bench刹车盘在线裂纹检测
Combination of In-Line Crack Test and Natural Frequency Measurement of Brake Disks, in ONE                     test-bench
    An innovative manufacturer of brake disks in Germany is putting their confidence in the powerful          acoustic resonance testing by running an innovation by RTE. For the first time, crack test and natural    frequency measurement are carried out simultaneously in ONE test bench - fully automatic and in line          with production! 
    This OEM is now able to deliver cost-effective and well documented high quality parts and sets new standards in this particular market segment. At one swoop, this manufacturer meets present and future demands of their customers – others will have to rise to the challenge. 
On a Good Path 检测新方向
    The natural frequencies of brake components are measured in order to avoid squealing breaks. The individual components should not excite one another mutually. The pioneer, Daimler, demands this for all   new products, as do Chrysler, Fiat, VW/Audi and Ford. GM, BMW and PSA are on the way. The subcontractors, such as TRW and Conti, require their suppliers of castings to make these measurements. In the meantime, Toyota has also recognized the necessity of this and taken up natural frequency values in the drawings for   new brake mounts and brake backing plates. 
    刹车盘的固有频率测试是为了避免刹车噪音,单个部件不能对其他部件产生影响。做为行业领先者,戴姆勒对所有新产品都有此要求,克莱斯勒,菲亚特,大众/奥 迪和福特同样也有此要求了。通用,宝马和标致也在逐步效仿。类似TRW和Conti的分包商,也在要求他们的铸造供应商进行这种检测。同时,丰田也意识到 这个重要性并进行新刹车后板和刹车鼓的抽样测试。
    RTE has supplied several test stands, which can measure brake mounts, brake backing plates or          brake discs, as standard modules to tier 1 suppliers and foundries domestically and abroad. The next installations will be started up in Czech Republic, Hungary and China. SONIC|TC®.EigenFrequency is used   as the testing system. 
    The next step: Brake linings/pads are still remaining to be monitored. There has been considerable progress due to systematic analyses. RTE is in the process of developing a universal testing machine, in which the natural frequencies of all brake linings/pads for vehicles from cars to trucks can be measured. 
Natural Frequency Testing prevents Materials-Mix-up 
    What to do when there are two products that look identical, but have different characteristics? When you  need to sort them correctly to different customers with differing requirements? A leading foundry found itself confronted with this very problem. Depending on order specification, they need to provide their customers     with different brake disks that are identical from the outside, but must not be mixed up. 
    For such, natural frequency testing is a reliable, fast and cost-effective method. The parts are tested at an end-of-line test bench in time for their natural frequencies and compared to the preset types. This fully automatic test prevents a mix-up. And there is a more than welcome side-effect: aside from correctly sorting  the brake parts, the test system also identifies natural frequencies specified by customer for the prevention     of brake squeal – without additional cost. 
    针对这些需求,固有频率测试是十分可靠的,快速和最具成本效益的方法。这些部件可以在生产线最后阶段进行固有频率测试对比预定设值,进行全自动测试防止混 料。同时,还可以达到如下副作用:除了正确分选刹车部件,这个检测系统也可以按客户要求的设定识别固有频率来防止刹车噪音,并且不用增加额外成本。
    Expensive? No. Installation and commissioning of the test bench integrated in pre-existing production lines takes just two days – including training of personnel. 
    Do you have similar concerns? Send your query to mailto: dehua@wtt-mail.com
您有类似的需求吗?请将您的咨询发送到邮箱  dehua@wtt-mail.com
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